The Beeler story began way back in 1846 when our great-great Grandpa Fred emigrated from Germany and settled in the gently rolling hills of Madison County, Iowa. On his farmstead Grandpa began raising pigs. Grandpa Beeler’s agricultural endeavors met success when he loaded his provisions into his horse drawn wagon and left Truro, Iowa, headed for Denver, Colorado.


Six generations later, we’re proud to say, our family is still carrying on Grandpa’s legacy of raising and marketing pork products. Of course, in Grandpa Beeler’s day raising pork was much different than in today’s ”high tech” world.

Generations of Excellence !

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We learned Grandpa Beeler’s “old world” way of raising pigs had a lot of merit. Consequently we have come full circle, utilizing some of Grandpa’s “old world” ways with some of today’s “high tech” methods developing: