Handled With Care




Our family has always made it a top priority to treat our pigs humanely. Like all pork producers, we care deeply about the pigs we raise and their well-being, and we have implemented some specific practices that embody our beliefs. We define “humanely raised” as raising pigs without the use of gestation crates, and in a manner that prioritizes animal care standards that are consistently and frequently reviewed. All Beeler’s Pure Pork products are raised to these standards, so you can feel good about enjoying our delicious pork.

  • We do not use any gestation crates on our farms. Our sows are housed in large, unrestricted pens, allowing for social interaction and freedom to move around.
  • When it is time for a sow to give birth, she is moved to a maternity ward. These are large enough to allow her to stand up or lay down and turn around, but they also provide protection to newborn piglets.
  • Our pigs are primarily housed indoors. Indoor housing provides protection from harsh weather, and keeps pigs clean, comfortable and less prone to disease. Even with outdoor access, our pigs (much like humans) prefer the comfortable temperatures and shelter of the barns. In the Midwest, our temperatures can range from -20 to 100 degrees, and those harsh conditions can cause everything from frostbite to sunburn. Barns provide the best protection from these elements.
  • By closely monitoring our pigs, we can quickly identify and treat sick pigs. If a pig does require antibiotic treatment to improve their health, we will treat them accordingly and then move them to a different pen or barn so they can be identified separately from our “antibiotic free” pigs.

In addition to these standards, we offer a line of non-GMO fed pork products. These products are raised on specific farms that also provide the enhanced animal husbandry practices outlined below.


  • Sow barns are bedded with straw or cornstalks. Depending on the time of year, we adjust the amount of bedding to keep the sows comfortable.
  • Barns are naturally ventilated to allow air in and out depending on the outside temperature.
  • Sows have full access to a separate food and water court, located away from the bedded area, that provides a clean area for the sows to eat and drink.
  • Sows always have full outdoor access, giving them the freedom to move in and out of the barn as they please.


Plain and simple, we follow logical animal husbandry practices for all pigs. We believe that logic should prevail over perception, and we have many years of experience on which to base our logic.

  • All our non-GMO fed pigs are housed in naturally ventilated facilities.
  • The pigs in our finishing barns are given enough space to comfortably lay down and enjoy social interaction. Frequent observations and temperature recording helps ensure the pigs are comfortable, clean, and healthy.