Chef Moe Kuroki-

I have made dumplings, tacos, nachos with chorizo, and made roasted loin with the umami sauce, and the pork chop with tenderloin attached... wow, just salt and pepper

Chef Leonard Anderson-

I use Beeler's ham, bacon, and pork belly. I feel that Beeler's exemplifies what new farming should be and they set the bar for how far we've come in regards to raising happy animals. I look forward to using Beeler's for years to come!

Executive Chef Jordan Zacharias-

Beeler's Pork is bar none the best natural pork product I have worked with. Cost effective and of exceptional quality. We have built a name for ourselves as having the best pork chop in town using this product. From the marbling, flavor, texture and consistency in product, you would be hard pressed to find any product of equal quality. It is evident that this producer has been family operated for generations, great people producing a fantastic product.

Beeler’s porterhouse chop

Hubbard Bar and Grille
Columbus, Ohio

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