Perhaps the cut we are most proud of at Beeler’s are our beautiful and amazingly delicious pork loins. We have worked hard over many years to refine our genetics and pH levels to create the perfect marbling for a juicy, flavorful pork loin that never disappoints the palate. From our pork loin chops to our whole pork loins to our pork tenderloins, you will find unsurpassed quality.

What is the difference between pork loin and pork tenderloin?
We often get asked about the difference between the pork loin and the pork tenderloin. And what about pork chops – boneless pork chops, Tomahawk pork chops? What is the difference?

The pork loin can be boneless or bone-in, and is a larger cut than the pork tenderloin. The pork loin is the cut used to make pork chops (either boneless or bone-in). The pork loin is a versatile cut that can be used for a variety of pork loin recipes. Check out some ideas and recipes here.

The pork tenderloin is a premium cut of pork that is located right next to the pork loin on the pig. It is extra lean, and extremely delicious. Use a brine or marinade to make it extra juicy and roast it or grill it – you won’t be disappointed.

P.S. The key to keeping your pork loin or pork chops moist and delicious is to avoid overcooking. A pork loin or chop cooked to a perfect 145 degrees is a beautiful and exquisite meal. Check out our Recipes page for some delicious ways to prepare your pork loin – no matter how you cut it.

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