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Bring Home the Ham for the Holidays

We may be biased, but the Beeler family believes there is no better cut of meat for your holiday meal than a Beeler’s ham! 

When it comes to planning your holiday meal – or any meal, for that matter – consider an uncured ham from Beeler’s Pure Pork. For the holiday season, you can order our bone-in hams online (spiral sliced or easy carve), or purchase a ham through select local retailers (check our Store Finder or email to help you find one). If you’re looking for something in smaller portions, or just for an easy weeknight meal, try our boneless hams, ham steaks or ham shanks. Of course, all these options are antibiotic free, gluten free, full of flavor, and fully cooked so you can simply heat and serve.

And don’t forget – there’s no such thing as too much leftover ham! Check out our blog post about “How To Cook Your Holiday Ham” for some tips on cooking your ham, as well as great ideas on how you can use your leftover ham – hot ham and cheese paninis, ham salad, ham and cheese kabobs, homemade ham balls, and the list goes on. No matter how you slice it, a Beeler’s ham for the holidays is just what you need.

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