two hooves up.

Beeler’s Pure Pork is hands down the best  pork product out there! You get an amazing center-of plate cost with an out of this world taste! The flavor is above the rest and I take pride in knowing that the members of my golf club are getting the best pork product possible. It is evident that Tim Beeler, and his family and crew, take true pride, raising these pigs… let’s be honest, you can’t find a better, more tastier pork anywhere else, except in Iowa.

7 Canyons Golf Club, Sedona, AZ

You guys have the best pork! I’m sorry, it just is!

Meat & Seafood Buyer/Supervisor, Jimbo's Naturally

I have been on a mission to find the best pork Iowa has to offer for myself and my family.  Living in Iowa, you would think that all pork would be the same. As it turns out, that is not the case.  I fell in love with the taste and the high-quality pork Beeler’s has to offer.  My family could attest to that as well.  Nothing compares to Beeler’s, and the marbling in the meat is something special!  Their products sell themselves.  The flavor, texture and tenderness of the pork leaves us always wanting more.  Not only are their standards for meat left at nothing less than perfection, but the service their employees provide is just as spectacular and they make you feel like family.  Beeler’s will forever stay stocked up in our house because we value their products, service, and standards and for that we are lifelong customers.


Dole & Bailey has been the Northeast partner of Beeler’s Pure Pork for over a decade. As the Nation’s oldest, independently owned butcher shop and purveyor it was important for us to partner with a sixth-generation pork farmer and the Beelers are the best in the business.   Every detail from genetics, feed and care are handled directly by the family and it shows in the quality and consistency of the pork provided to Dole & Bailey.  Beeler’s Pure Pork is exceptional and they have met every expectation we have in a business partner.   We are proud to be their Northeast purveyor serving the best restaurants, retailers, and educational institutions throughout New England. 

General Manager & Corporate Chef, Dole & Bailey

The Beeler’s products I use on my menus are extremely important to enhance the style of cooking that I love. Beeler’s aligns with the ethos that is the same as mine which is why I only use their pork products. All-natural, organic, hormone free, humane treatment and care of their animals.
You can taste the difference when using the product because it’s old-world goodness that makes me feel I am doing the right thing for my guests’ satisfaction. I use their unique chorizo on my al pastor pizza and handmade empanadas, and I only use Beeler’s bacon on my award-winning burgers. For the pulled pork tostadas that I use Mariposa it is the only choice for me, and it’s amazing layered with the uncured ham that makes my version of our “Cubano” unique. I also like to top off my peppadew cheese spread crostini with a nice thinly sliced dollop of the ham. The Beeler’s products have integrity in every application I utilize them, and I feel proud supporting them because I can taste Iowa in every bite!

Dahl is the executive chef and owner of six outstanding restaurants in Northern Arizona's red rock country, where she has earned international acclaim for Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante Italiano, Cucina Rustica, Pisa Lisa Woodfired Pizza(2 locations), Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill, and Butterfly Burger, A Couture Burger

Beeler's porterhouse chop

Hubbard Bar and Grille
Columbus, Ohio