Beeler’s Pizza Taco Li’l Bites Cups


This recipe is a new take on a traditional taco! These Beeler’s Pizza Taco Li’l Bite Cups combine two family favorites: tacos and pizza! These pizza taco cups have all the flavors of both delicious dishes with toppings like salsa, queso fresco cheese, and more.

Beeler’s Li’l Bites are the star of this recipe. They have various flavors available, but for this recipe, I used their Jalapeño Pepper Jack bites, and they were definitely a hit!

Beeler’s Li’l Bites are great for many recipes from dinner to snacks, even appetizers! This recipe is super easy and perfect for when you have people over or when you want a snack.

Since these flavorful little pizza taco cups use pre-made, store-bought dough, they couldn’t be easier to make! This would be a great recipe to whip up for your kids for a hearty after-school snack to enjoy while doing homework.

These yummy pizza taco cups are perfect for busy nights or tailgating because they can be made in just 15 minutes in your oven. Give this recipe a try today!

Make These Delicious Beeler’s Pizza Taco Li’l Bite Cups Today!


This recipe for Beeler’s Pizza Taco Li’l Bite Cups is a new and delicious way to enjoy two family favorites, tacos, and pizza! The star of this dish is Beeler’s Li’l Bites, with their various flavors available.

These yummy bites can be grilled, smoked, or baked in your oven and only take 15 minutes to cook. They are perfect on their own as an appetizer, main course, or side dish but also go great with a salad, fries, or chips. For the perfect sweet and savory pairing, serve them with your favorite dessert!

Tips for Making Beeler’s Pizza Taco Li’l Bite Cups

  • You can make these pizza taco cups in your oven, grill, or smoker.
  • Make sure to preheat your oven, grill, or smoker before cooking.
  • If you are not a fan of the Jalapeno Pepperjack Beeler’s Li’l Bites, you can try their other flavors. The options include: Apple Cranberry Li’l Bites Smoked Sausage and Cranberry Sriracha Li’l Bites Smoked Sausage.
  • Use the toppings for these taco pizza cups to set up a taco bar at your next party.
  • These Li’l Bite cups would make an awesome snack to bring along to your next tailgate.

What to Serve with Beeler’s Pizza Taco Li’l Bite Cups

These flavorful Li’l Bite cups are perfect on their own, served as an appetizer, snack, or even the main dish. However, they also go great with a side salad, some chips or fries, and definitely a nice cold beer!

For the perfect sweet and savory pairing, serve Beeler’s Pizza Taco Li’l Bite Cups with your favorite dessert! Try a classic like an apple pie, or go for something more unique like churros.

No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong when serving Beeler’s alongside dessert!

What are Beeler’s Li’l Bites?

Beeler’s Li’l Bites are delicious little fully cooked and uncured smoked sausages. Their primary ingredient is pork, and they also contain sea salt, turbinado sugar, sage, red pepper, and other spices.

Some more information includes:

  • No extra nitrates are added to these little sausages.
  • No antibiotics are ever used.
  • These sausages are casein & gluten free.
  • Li’l Bits are vegetarian fed.

Find out more on their FAQs page!

What Is In Queso Fresco?

Queso fresco is a type of cheese that has a salty, slightly sour taste. It is usually made from cow, goat, or sheep’s milk and has a soft, crumbly texture.

This is a Mexican cheese, and Queso Fresco means “fresh cheese,” It is a type of white cheese that is often acidified with rennet, lemon juice, or vinegar.

Is Queso Fresco the Same as Mozzarella?

No, it is not. Queso Fresco is much tangier in flavor than mozzarella cheese. Queso Fresco is used in many traditional Mexican dishes like tacos, enchiladas, and more.