Italian Sausage Thanksgiving Stuffing

This recipe is versitile with all of Beeler’s sausages, chorizo, fresh ground pork or even our brat! Serve this delight during the holidays or on any ocassion.


1 pound Beeler’s Italian Sausage

1/2 yellow onion, diced

3 ribs celery, diced

1/2 bulb fennel, diced

4 cloves garlic, chopped

1/2 teaspoon dry Italian seasoning

1 1/2 cups pork, beef or chicken stock

3 tablespoons butter

1 loaf of country style bread or a bread of your choice, cubed. Gluten free is an option.


  1. Cube bread to desired size and either spread them on a sheet pan and air-dry overnight or bake them for about 20 minutes at 250 degrees.
  2. In a large skillet, begin to brown off the Beeler’s Italian sausage or Beeler’s sausage of choice. Reserve the meat to the side.
  3. For us sausage lovers, keep the rendered fat in the pan and add all the vegetables and butter to begin to lightly caramelize.
  4. After vegetables are visibly taking on flavor and caramelization, add the dry bread cubes, Beeler’s sausage and stock until all is moist.
  5. Transfer all of that goodness into a casserole or baking dish.
  6. Heat oven to 350 and cook until the dish has achieved a beautiful golden crusted top. This may take up to 35 minutes.
  7. Serve and enjoy with all the other fixins’